How to Deal With the Negative Emotions?

“When we master our emotions, we master our creations.” Dr Joe Dispenza

You can experience enormous amounts of emotion. In the days, like today the rollercoaster of our feelings is completely normal. We live our life in the times of uncertainty and chaos became our norm of living. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like it. However, it is our current reality and instead of fighting with yourself, it is better to adapt, which means change the way you thinking.

Mindset is the key to a happy life. Everyone has a choice in this life. You can always choose how you want to feel. Even if the time is tough, you can still look at it with a positive attitude. It is not a situation that makes you feel bad, it is how you react to it. Life is not a fairy tale. Especially, in this trying times. Yet you can still learn a lot and make the most of it.

So next time when you feel a negative emotion, do what I do. I found the way to eliminate those monsters that eating me alive. Every time when something makes me upset and whenever I feel angry I pause for a bit. As Abraham Hicks teaches, there is no point to think about something positive straight away, it wouldn’t help. Plus it is the worst when you are frustrated and someone telling you just be positive, you simply want to kill that person. So anyway, whenever negativity enters your lovely mind, instead of fighting it think about something general that doesn’t affect you personally.

For instance, you lost your job recently. Instead of focusing on the specifics and find something good about it straight away(which I am sure you can find but give it a time) think about something general, like ‘it’s not just me who lost a job these days, everyone struggles now globally, I am not the only one.’ When you feel a bit better you can adjust your thoughts accordingly and slowly slowly you will be ok. And then when you are at least in neutral state you can then start your positive thoughts.

Sure, positive thinking is essential. There is no doubt about it. But you need to train yourself in order to be positive. I’ve tried it personally myself. There is no way you can turn a negative thought into a positive with a click of the button. It takes time and a lot of hard work.

But once you are in control of your mind. Well…then the magic happens. Try this method to see if it works for you.

How do you deal with your negative emotions? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Monday and happy thoughts everyone!

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Beaming with Gratitude

I don’t know if I will have a chance to say it directly to you. Even if I had I would probably wouldn’t be able to. I am just grateful that I had met you again. You’ve come at the right time and exactly when I needed that. In fact, I have just asked for it.

There are things in life that you ask and then waiting and waiting and get nothing in return. I didn’t wait for you this time. I have only manifested with a zero expectation that you can materialise in my reality. I’ve accepted the idea that you have gone for good. However, you have not.

I assume I have let you go from my mind but you have never evacuated my heart. You haven’t even asked my permission. Maybe I do mind that you live there constantly without even the permit. Perhaps I do want that extra space that you occupy. Do I…?!

Since you have already moved in without my consideration, there is not much I can do about it. I am not going to kick you out. I suppose you can stay. Especially, if you like it in there. And looks like you do, as you have been there for quite a while. I think I could learn to live with you.

You have brought a joy into my life not just a pleasure. It has been 6 moths after my healing when I’ve met you again, and when I’ve just started to do a better job with myself. I was already on my journey with the self-love when you came and I was close to alignment with myself.

Not to mention that without even knowing you have helped me heal from my past relationship. You have never broken my heart. Indeed, you have filled it with love. I have never experienced so much love. I am beaming with appreciation and gratitude.

I don’t know if you have taken all my pain or have just released it for me. I have no idea what you have done, but I do feel better. And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

That inner peace I was after, definitely was not in you, how I expected. Sure, I’ve felt wonderful when I was with you. However, I still feel fantastic, even when you are not next to me.

Again, I have no freaking idea what the hell you have done to me. Probably, even you have no clue. Still, I am blessed that I have you. I am not sure for how long you will live with me. But you can stay for now and then we’ll see.

Give Yourself A Break

“Sometimes the most important thing to do is to do nothing.” ~ Anonymous

If you know how to bend in life than you can go through anything really. I have always been a fighter. Indeed, I am also a survivor. Most likely like the majority of people who has been through some trauma. However, recently I have come to understanding that you not always have to fight and defend yourself. There are times, like the current situation, when there is no much you can do really. Sure you can fight but you get exhausted easily and then you will lose your power.

For people, like myself, who didn’t get used to sit and wait it is hard just to go with the flow. But sometimes it is the best thing we can do. And you don’t literally need to sit and wait. You can always get occupied and build yourself and become even stronger.

Our mental health is at danger now and we really need to work on our selves. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of self-love and self-care. That’s the key, the basic that has to be part of your daily routine like brushing the teeth. Please do not go harsh on yourself. Just give yourself inner hugs and embrace self-love. Even if you feel like no one loves you(which is not true btw), be the one who does.

There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed. If I am in pain physically or mentally I allow myself to hide under the blanket. But no matter what I still do simple hygiene and personal care like shower/grooming and force myself to eat.

You don’t always have to be strong. If I am weak I allow myself to be whom I feel. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and I admit it. In these trying times you could be a hero for just getting out of the bed. You are still resilient no matter what you feel.

Give yourself credit for keep going no matter what happens in your life. You don’t have to be positive every single day. Of course, it is better if you are but it’s ok if you are not. Just accept yourself for being who you are today. If you are happy that’s amazing. But if you are sad it is still you. You are allowed to be angry or scared. Just accept these feeling and let them go. Remember, you are not your emotions and you are not your feelings.

At the end of the day, it is not important what you feel today. Tomorrow will be another day and you will have a chance to start over. Just make sure you will do a better one.

I hope you are at peace with yourself or at least getting there. 💕

Just keep breathing…

“Life isn’t always about beating the waves. Sometimes, it’s about learning to breath underwater.” ~ Anonymous

Sometimes we get stuck in life and that’s completely normal. It could be something that is not working out the way you want it. Or you could be simply unsure what steps to make next in order to get where you need to be. Life is not a fairy-tale, we definitely have learnt that at an early age. At least I have. Life could be very complicated and frustrating. Especially, in these challenging times.

If you feel like you are unable to move further maybe you just need to pause. Take a deep breath and hold on for a while. If you are fixed in something then there are must be a reason for that. Maybe you are going in a wrong direction and you actually don’t need to go there. Or maybe the Universe/God is saving you from being hurt again. I really love this quote:

“When you get what you want, that’s God direction, when you don’t get what you want, that’s God protection.”

At times, it feels unfair and painful that life is not going the way we want and we don’t get what we desire, but only later we realise why everything happened the way it happened. So if your puzzle is not solving and you are missing some pieces. I am telling you, that’s ok. I know, it could be very scary and you probably feel devastating as nothing is working out for you and you wondering why. Just remember, you are not alone there.

Everyone is looking for missing pieces in their own life. No one has a complete picture. Just be patient and keep searching. And one day…well…some day, you will definitely resolve this freaking puzzle, I am telling you. And when all the pieces will eventually come together, you will get all the answers that were missing. Everything will become clear for you. You will finally see the whole picture.

In the meantime, just keep breathing…

Never Ending Romance

If you can’t get someone off your mind, it’s because your mind always knows what your heart is thinking. ~ Anonymous

I don’t know what the hell wrong with me…I am still thinking about you. I know, I know…I have ended things with you. However, something is still troubling me.

Maybe I just need to be more persistent and stick to my decision. But my gut an my heart telling me the opposite. Plus I see these signs everywhere. It’s like the Universe is telling me something about you. I’ve never seen so many marks in my entire life. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Or maybe I am so sentimental and sensitive or just hopeless romantic soul.

On the other hand, you are still acting very weird. It’s like you don’t want to end and you telling me I am wrong with my decisions. But at the same time you are pulling away. There is no much communication from you. There are loads of questions in my head and I am still more confused than ever. The more you open up to me the more confused I get. It’s like a never ending romance.

Yes, I understand you are scared. I get it. So am I…but sometimes you have to take the risks in life. Sometimes you have to be vulnerable and surrender. Always pretending that you are strong and impenetrable will eventually break you down. Especially, when it comes to relationships. If you want one, of course. And seems like you do, as far as I know. However, something is still holding you back.

I’ve given you plenty of time, I’ve been open-handed with the timing. But despite my generous nature, you are kinda pushing the limits here. Even so I am a patient person, I am impatiently patient about waiting on you. I am a woman with the feelings, emotions and desires that need to be met. Obviously, you don’t have to serve all my needs but contribution is a key in a relationship.

I understand that life is not just black and white and not everything is straight forward. I guess I just need to chill again. Get you out of my head. Nevertheless, I’ve ended it, I think. So let it go again…and again…

Letting go and end of story

One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul.” ~ Brigitte Nicole

Letting go…it has never been easy. I have already wrote a post about this topic The Power of Letting Go and it is something I really struggle with myself. Even though we do know all the positive aspects of it. However, it is still tremendously hard to let something or someone very important to you go.

This year is a blessing for myself. I do appreciate every single bit of it. It has started very nice and I am infinitely grateful with every cell of my body. Even so some decisions have been very painful and I wish I would have never had to do them.

To have a closure is extremely important for me. I know what you gonna say…You have to take it easy, especially if you practise the law of attraction. Just bloody release the outcome. Let it go. That’s what I am f*cking doing and in order to set myself free I need an actual closure. Not a mental one, yet a real one.

Maybe I am a freak(which is true in some way) but I do prefer the clear endings. I know for some people it is ok to move on without the finale. Definitely not my case. Even when it is obvious I need to make sure it is obvious. Weird…I know. However, that’s the only way I can move forward.

The thing that has really been bugging me since the end of the last year is unfinished weird relationship, which is lasting for some time now. To my benefit, I’ve tried to end it but unfortunately didn’t have a courage to do it properly. So yesterday I texted Him with an intro conversation and then just ended it. And that was it. So easy to type, yet so intense.

And it doesn’t matter that I cried my eyes out and couldn’t sleep till 3 am. That’s ok, I call it side effects. The most important is that I had the balls to do it. You probably wondering if I feel a relief? Well, yes and no. I guess I just need more time to accept it. Ultimately, I feel good. However, something is still hurting me inside. Again, it is just another side effect. I’ll be fine though.

Thank you for reading!

Thoughts (random post)

I’ve been pretty busy lately with moving and some other stuff so didn’t have much time to write. But I do miss it. I enjoy writing. It makes me calm. I’ve started this blog as a cure for my emotional pain and I’ve mostly expressed my feelings towards one person. When I’ve begun to put words into sentences the process just took all my attention. I couldn’t stop, I wanted to write every single day.

As everyone here I do write for myself, but surely it is vital for me to be appreciated for what I do. And receiving your likes and comments is the best possible reward. If someone, at least one person, will find my content to be useful that means I am not wasting my time here.

I went through a lot last year. As I have previously written in my older posts it was a transformational year for me with loads of pain and suffering. In the beginning I thought I couldn’t get through it. It was definitely too much for me. It seemed like a snowball which was constantly rolling and I didn’t know when it’s gonna stop.

At some point I took the responsibility for myself. I’ve decided that I am the co-creator of my life. I am in charge and it is all up to me. No one else, just me. That was the most amazing thing and the best decision I’ve ever done.

This year I am very grateful. I am very grateful for everything, for my past, for the pain, for the lessons. It just all turned out well and it is still happening. Being on my own is still a new for me(even though it has been a year) but I am learning as I go and I enjoy it to be honest. It is a blessing to be free from a toxic relationship and I constantly pray to God for that.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. This post is a bit unusual from what I write but I am allowed to do what I like 😉

Hope you are safe and well 💜

Flowing Free

I no longer want to fight a resistance. I decided to let you go just before the New Year but you didn’t let me to have a closure. You deliberately proposed to stay in limbo by offering to spend time together and see each other ‘soon’. Oh man, I hate this word. The word has no meaning, it doesn’t mean anything. Sure, I know that time is an illusion. But…seriously..? ‘Soon’ doesn’t have a time slot.

It is obvious, we both enjoy this game. Of course, it is fascinating, it is thrilling. We both do like to engage in this thing. It seems like a never ending activity, where you are too curious what is going to happen next. And you just keep wondering and wondering to find out what will occur now. But at some point it just gets so frustrating. Truly, it feels like driving around the roundabout when you have missed your exit and you have to go all the way around again. And you think this time I will definitely turn to the right road. But bam…you are on the wrong one again. And again…and again…

Sadly, after a few unsuccessful rounds you just feel exhausted and it seems like you will never find that exit you are looking for. So at the end you just pick a random one and hoping that eventually you will figure out and end up where you need to be. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesn’t.

With you…I don’t know what is working. I have tried different roads. Repeatedly, I’ve kept switching the lanes on a motorway. But I couldn’t accelerate. I broke down and you’ve gone too fast. So I’ve laid out the path towards you. I was hoping maybe I could use a trail so I could eventually catch you. So now I am walking along a footpath. It is slow. But surprisingly, I enjoy my walk.

Just to confirm, I am letting it go. I dropped the idea of reaching you out. I am not going to chase. You are free and so am I. Yes, you are still on my mind more often than I want it. But it’s ok. It doesn’t mean a thing. It simply doesn’t. You are like a pop song that just pops up in my head for no reason. That just happens, I accept that. What’s important I came to understanding that my desire for relief is now greater than desire to be with you. So I am flowing free now and I am in alignment with myself.

If you want you can meet me downstream, it is up to you. But this time it will be me who decides, not you.

Ending The Year On A High Note

As the year has approached its very end, it is the perfect time to summarise it before saying a final goodbye and kick it with a glass of bubbly.

No one is going to argue that it was a tough year for majority of people. But as for some of us, it wasn’t just the year of Covid. It was the year of awakening and personal transformation. For me personally it has started just before the Pandemic when I began my very own ride of complete change.

Visually, it looks like I haven’t done much this year as all the work has been done within me. However, it was a massive achievement and I am truly proud of myself. Surely, there are still loads to do. But one of the lessons that I learned this year is to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the outcome. I used to be fixed on the results. Now I focus on the process and I cherish it as a baby.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to love myself more. I think this is the only New Year’s resolution you need. There is never too much love for yourself. I have written about self love previously and I am going to talk about it next year. This is never ending topic and especially this year it is very demanding. As I have started this fascinating journey, I am definitely going to share my thoughts and experience around the subject.

Forgiving myself and others is something that I have tried so many times but only managed to do this year. In a way, it is a part of the self love. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t forgive yourself and others. But again, I have only started and a lot of work needs to be done. The same as with self love, it is something that you do regularly during your whole life.

Staying in the present moment is one of the things we all learned this year, including me. The pandemic thought us to appreciate what we have and enjoy every single bit of it. With closed borders around the globe we all had to stay in and make the most of it. A lot of people started to practice meditation and I am not an exclusion. I am not a beginner but not a pro either. I used to do it from time to time, but only this year I made it a habit.

This year I had a privilege to explore the law of attraction, which became my way of living. Compared to my older version of myself, the one who has died by the way, I didn’t just try it a few times and give up assuming it doesn’t work. I put all my effort and time to use it daily until I get the results. If you have read my blog posts, you know that. If not, go ahead and read it.

I was never good at letting go and I can’t skip it in my review. This year I said goodbye to some people, places and things. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was tremendously hard but I am glad I did. Again, if you read my blog you are familiar with my relationship with letting go. I struggle with it, but I am doing it. It is something I am going to work on next year and probably the rest of my life.

By concluding the year, I simply can’t not to mention gratitude. I know, you all heard about it a lot this year. But it is something I remind myself on a daily basis and if you start thanking the Universe/God/Source(pick your own one) your life will be full of love and harmony.

Certainly, the year was weird and very unique. Our life has been changed dramatically. But change is always good, change is the only one that is constant in this life. I am still trying to adapt to a new way of living and I am sure you do the same. But no matter how uncomfortable it might be please try to enjoy the process.

Happy New Year !!!

Opening Up (preparing for 2021)

It is hard. It is extremely hard for me to keep my feelings and emotions to myself. I have been trying for the last few months, but recently I came to the point of opening up to you.

The year comes to an end and I’ve decided to complete all the unfinished business, that was bugging me. I want to leave everything and everyone that is no longer serves me in this current year before jumping into 2021. No point to carry them with me. New year, fresh start.

I’ve made a decision to end our fascinating relationship by offering you to stay friends. I know you don’t want to be friends, but I don’t want to carry on in limbo any minute longer. Naively, I would think you should say ‘no’ and we call it ‘the end’. Everyone is happy and we both go our own directions. Perfect ending, isn’t? Well, that was in my lovely mind.

In reality, you do not let me go. You know, when you stop caring, things are working out for you the way you wanted them to. Suddenly, from the coldest man on earth you’ve become kind, sweet and gentle. Even though I still can’t see you this year, thanks to Covid, you offer to spend time together in the beginning of the next year. Fingers crossed that they will lift the lockdown restrictions.

By changing myself I have changed you as well. Like attracts like. I focus on myself more than I used to be fixed on you and I’ve turned this love around. As Neville Goddard said: “Everyone is you pushed out.” To be honest, I still don’t know how it works. But as long as it does, I don’t need to worry about it. I even let myself to be a little picky with you today, expecting you to break off. Not even close…What can I say, looks like I am dating Iron Man.

I wasn’t scared to open up with you this time. Previously, I would weight every single word before saying it and that exhausted me. Maybe because I didn’t care that much if you go or not as I have already let you go. Ultimately, I’ve accepted you the way you are and I’ve detached. In return, you’ve respectively let me be myself, as I’ve never been.